Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome to my Life :P


Gee, I've always wanted a blog! So, thanks for reading this (if anyone is reading this, heh heh). I've never blogged before, soooo this will be interesting!!!! :)

So, heeey, I'm Brigid. I'm 16, turning 17 in Oct. And here's some stuff to know about me:

  1. I. LOVE. TO. WRITE!!!!!! It is my life. It is my passion. If I'm not at my laptop, writing, I'm thinking about writing and planning my stories in my head. I'm totally obsessed with it. :]
  2. Building off of that ... So, I've written five books/novels, whatever you want to call them. Four of them need some serious editing. Aaaand one of them has undergone serious editing and now I'm trying to get published right now. So far I've gotten six rejections and I'm waiting for twelve responses! I will keep updating on that. ^_^
  3. I'm the oldest of six kids. :)
  4. I like smiley faces ... :] ! :) ! :D ! ^_^ !!!!!!
  5. I'M EVIL!!!! BWA HAHA!!!!!! >:D ... jk. maaaaaybe. :P
  6. I also love reading. Books are addicting. You know when you're reading a book in some public place and a random person comes up to you and screams "OMG! I LOVE THAT BOOK!" Yeah, I'm one of those random people. Which is ironic, because I hate when people do that when I'm reading in public ... O_o
  7. I run on caffeine. I LOVE COFFEE!!! Can't live without it. 8D heeheehee! (smiley face high on caffeine)
  8. I love chocolate almost as much as I love coffee!
  9. I'm on the internet way too much. I'm always on Google, Facebook, Goodreads, or I'm doing research on literary agents :P !!!
  10. I also love drawing. I mostly draw manga ... I kinda suck at it, but it's still fun!
  11. I've been tap dancing for twelve years. 'Tis fun! :D
Umm I guess that's all I have to say for now!!! Later! ^_^

- Brigid


  1. Yay! Brigid I'm so happy you made a blog! It rocks! :D <3 the descriptions about yourself, haha. XD Can't wait for more posts! Haha ;)

  2. thanks! :D i'm working on my second one ... it's really long ... lol

  3. I love your blog, Brigid. It has personality.

  4. Thanks for the invitation to read your blog Brigid :]

  5. great blog, Brigid!! Can't wait for more posts!!

  6. heeyy brigid, you should make a post about how an agent asked to see reborn. hehe. :)

  7. Hey Brigid. Cool post. Great blog. I can't wait to read your stuff on Goodreads. I hope to in the next week.

  8. Sella – lol yeah, i probably should mention that. XD i really need to update this blog .... maybe when i'm done with my homework. :]

    ayundabhuwana and Paige Ray - Thanks! :)

  9. yes you need to update this. lol. :P but i know how busy you are, so no pressure! XD

  10. ik, ik. i just never have any time. grr i have to go fold laundry now. and i feel bad because i haven't written all day. oh well, i will force myself to update this tonite. XD lol


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