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Eighteen-year-old Natasha lives in the Village, a society isolated by the demon-infested forests that surround it. A mysterious force, whom the people refer to as the Monster, controls the fate of the Village, the climate changing with his moods. No one has ever seen the Monster, but they know that he dwells in the dark tower in the mountains … and that at random times, he demands a Sacrifice from the Villagers: one teenage girl to travel to his tower alone. No one knows what happens to the sacrificed girls, and they never come back.

Ever since her twin sister was sacrificed, Natasha has become determined to discover who the Monster really is and what he's done to the missing girls. When Natasha is chosen as a sacrifice, she sets off into the forest prepared to discover the truth. But what she finds is nothing like she expected, and she soon finds herself lost in a world of dark secrets that she will never escape.


The great cities of Moenia and Eversio are at war. Their weapons: giant machines called Veloxi.

Ivan has spent the last two years in prison. Avery is trapped in a concentration camp and haunted by memories of her parents' murder. Claire comes from a privileged family and shares her father's passion for building machines. Sawyer is a king's son, anxious to escape the constraints of his boring, sheltered life.

The four teenagers couldn't be more different, but now one thing will bring them together. They are about to become Amicus Warriors, the ones who drive the Veloxi into battle.

Dancing on Glass:

Sisters. Ballerinas. Amputations. (Um, I'll have a better description of this soon. I hope.)

Complete(ish) Projects
(By "(ish)" I mean, I have at least a first draft done. But they all need some editing.)


Mia Wise and Emily Lawrence were once best friends. Then one shocking event tore the two girls apart, Mia moved away, and they haven't spoken ever since. Two years later, Mia is seventeen years old, and she's returning home to visit Emily for the first time. As she journeys back, and explores the town that she left behind, Mia plans out everything she's going to say to Emily – and as she does so, her most painful memories begin to emerge. Little by little, she reveals that what appeared to be an innocent friendship on the surface was dark and complicated underneath, full of jealousies and secrets that ultimately drove the two teenage girls to the breaking point. Mia's narration becomes a complex mystery, as she tells the story of how strong a friendship can become … and how quickly it can unravel. 

Walking Shadow:

Cassandra is cursed. Psychic abilities have plagued all the women in her family, causing them to suffer from visions of the Otherworld. A long line of Cassandra's female ancestors have gone insane and killed themselves. After witnessing her own mother's suicide, Cassandra fears she will be unable to escape the same fate.

Jason, after dying in a car accident, makes a deal with the Lord of the Underworld to get his life back, not realizing he will become a ghost. No one can see or hear him, and everything he touches dies. To make matters worse, killing seems to be essential to his survival.

When he discovers Cassandra is the only living person who can see him, Jason pleads with her to help him. Although she is reluctant to become further involved with the Otherworld, Cassandra agrees, hoping Jason might help her find a way to lift her curse.

A spirit from the Otherworld presents a solution to them, by explaining that both of their souls are being held by the Lord of the Underworld. If they survive a journey through the Underworld, Jason can get his soul back and Cassandra will lose her curse. But the Underworld is full of traps and demons, and no mortal has ever escaped. In order to survive, Cassandra and Jason must depend on each other, and their abilities to determine illusion from reality.


Max, a superhuman assassin, stumbles upon a group of rebels who can help him uncover his forgotten past. The only problem is, he's their enemy. (Also has a sequel, Jump, which I have never written a description for. Sorry.)


Fifteen-year-old Alyx Slade can't trust anyone. Sometimes, she's not even sure if she can trust the aunt who raised her. It's hard enough that her life is so confusing, and that she has yet to discover the true identities of her parents.

Then, the Injection is invented --- one little prick of a needle, and all your imperfections, including all your impure thoughts and emotions, are gone. No more sickness. No more hatred. No more sadness. No more war. Nothing could be more perfect, right? Wrong.

Alyx suspects more and more about the Injection, especially when everyone around her starts getting it ... and things start getting weird.

Alyx's only choice is to turn to three other teens, and join them in their dangerous rebellion against the government. And while they're at it, they just might find out the secret behind the Injection.


The battle between the Protectors and the Destroyers has been going on for centuries. Once, seventeen-year-old Kami, a Protector, willingly fought against the Destroyers alongside her older brother, Damon, her younger sister, Clio, and their friends Ismene and Zephyr. But after a disappearance, a murder, and a betrayal, Kami no longer knows who she can trust. And to make things more complicated, an ancient Immotal's spirit has been Reborn in a human teenage boy named Jack, who joins Kami and her "family" in their battle against the Destroyers. Kami is willing to accept Jack right away, but her friends are mysteriously suspicious. As Jack's true identity is gradually revealed, Kami realizes that he might be the key to defeating the Destroyers forever – unless he turns against her.

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