Sunday, January 30, 2011

*Bashes head against wall* GUILT GUILT GUILT

So, basically I am only writing this post out of guilt, if you can't tell by the title. There is really no significance to it except to assure everybody that no, I haven't forgotten about this blog, and I haven't run out of ideas or anything. I've just been too lazy to update in … errr … three months. Has it really been that long? Crap.

I don't have much of an excuse … except, ya know, school and homework and college apps, etc.

Now, some quick updates.

1) Yes, I did go to the Boston Book Festival (gosh, a looong time ago). I've had plenty of time to reflect on that, so I should have a post up on that soon. I have too much to say to put it in one puny paragraph. Learned some rather valuable lessons there ... the hard way. More on that coming up soon.

2) Natalie Fischer did send me a critique of my query, synopsis, and first ten pages of Walking Shadow. It was very helpful. She said it was well written and all, just that Cassandra didn't seem very likable and that the plot sounded kinda melodramatic .... Sooo I'll take that into consideration when I'm editing (again). But … *winces* … I'm kind of giving up on pursuing publication of Walking Shadow for now. (Oh no, oh no, it's Reborn all over again!!!) I told myself I wouldn't do this, because every time I do, I just give up. But ahhh I'll try to get back to editing Walking Shadow after I finish editing Edge. Which brings me to my next update ...

3) ABNA 2011 has started! I thought about submitting Walking Shadow again, but I'm not very happy with it at the moment, and I figured it wouldn't do any better than it did last year. So, I am submitting Edge. Unfortunately, I haven't touched it in the past couple of years so the writing is pretty horrendous. But, I'm still workin' on it. I have no idea how the contest will treat me this year, but I figure it can't hurt to try.

4) Zenith ... utterly failed. NaNoWriMo failed in general. I wrote about 20,000 words of Zenith, but I just couldn't get into it. The characters just wouldn't open up to me, the plot wasn't going anywhere, I felt no attachment to the story whatsoever ... So, I switched over to Unraveling and wrote 30,000 more words of that for the remainder of NaNoWriMo. And I only met the 50,000-word mark at like 11:15 PM on November 30th. I still haven't finished (or, uh, touched) either of those stories since November. Or any other story, for that matter.

So I guess I haven't been posting lately because all I've been doing lately is––well––failing. Plus I'm real stressed out because of school and college stuff, etc. But I'll try to get my act together and post more soon. *forced smile* *thumbs up*